Durga Puja and the ‘Real Girl’ Status

Just a month before Durga Puja, a movie released- Pink. As I continue the Durga Puja celebration this year; feeling happy and clicking selfies with a bright smile on my face, a question continues to arise in my mind, I try to tally the real life scenario highlighted in the movie and the metamorphic celebration of ‘womanhood’ through Durga Puja. Is Durga Puja relevant in today’s scenario???


True that we, the today’s girls, feel confident, self- dependent, loved and pampered by our family and friends…but are we truly independent??? Are we truly honoured and is our SAY truly respected as people do to the clay idol of Goddess Durga? No, says the story of Pink, No, says our daily lives. Our parents still feel we are insecure in the dark night and we are still dolls of entertainment to the patriarchal society.

So, my wish this Durga Puja is just not for a prosperous life and good health of my loved ones, but a boon from the Goddess that a NO from a girl starts being counted; the way She destroys the evil, We the so- called modern and liberal women of today’s world can break the invisible shackles of a stereotype society.